Beth F.
Submitted 05/12/22
It’s magic! I signed up for the treatments because of my depression and anxiety. While I definitely enjoyed the process during my first five sessions, I didn’t really think I felt a difference in my symptoms. My sixth treatment? I did not experience ANY of the interesting effects during the infusion. I went home thinking, maybe that was all a waste.

Marianela D.
Submitted 05/04/22
If you are on the fence about trying ketamine, go for it! Hesitate no more and get your life back. There is no cure for depression or anxiety but this is damn near close. I felt relief after my first infusion and after completing the full course I have made more breakthroughs than 20 years of therapy. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I felt very much taken care of in this safe space. Grateful for this service and highly recommend everyone can benefit from treatment.

Tom F.
Submitted 05/03/22

Richelle T.
Submitted 04/22/22
I found Dr. DePue to be a knowledgeable and compassionate physician. He cares about your pain and wants to help you find relief. The other staff members are great as well. Very friendly and kind and do their best to put you at ease. My first set of infusions especially I had a great experience as I gained a lot of relief from pain and years of muscle tightness, and although it was a little more intense than I had anticipated, once I relaxed into it, I felt very much at ease and my body knew just what to do. I am excited to have Keystone Advanced Therapy so close by and be saved a trip to Philadelphia or further for treatment. That is especially hard when travel worsens your pain or is made difficult by anxiety or depression. Not everyone understands this type of therapy and I don’t mind that as long as they don’t try to make it unavailable to those of us who really need it. It is a very useful tool in the treatment of chronic pain and mood disorders, and this is a great office with a nice atmosphere and caring doctor and staff. I am very grateful for them.

Samuel I.
Submitted 04/15/22
I would/have recommend him to anyone, Dr. DePue honestly saved my life! Before I met him I spent years spiraling down, every other doctor I met before him judged me and didn’t offer the person help I needed. Dr DePue worked with me, understood and cared. He helped me completely changed my life and now I couldn’t be happier and am doing better then I ever could have imagined! 100% best doctor I’ve ever met and a good hearted person! If you need help CALL HIM He will give you the help you need!!!!

Richard L.
Submitted 04/15/22
If you have had Depression or Anxiety rule your life, you really should seek out Keystone Advanced Therapies. It has truly been an amazing experience and has changed me visibly to my family and myself. It is very much worth it.

Kyle M.
Submitted 04/08/22
They are the nicest friendliest people I’ve ever went to they will help you out with anything you can imagine I recommend them to everybody

Glenn S.
Submitted 04/06/22
Qualified and caring physician and staff.

Andrea C.
Submitted 03/30/22
The office staff and doctor are very welcoming and professional.

Emily R.
Submitted 03/26/22
Dr.DePue continues to work with me on finding the best treatment for my chronic pain. He is passionate about his patients and their needs. His whole heart in helping patients. Dr.DePue and infusion tech Kim, made the infusion experience comfortable and easy. Kim gives the best IV sticks around! They catered to all of my questions and needs. I cannot say enough good things about the clinic, staff and atmosphere. I would recommend Dr.DePue and Keystone therapies to anyone experiencing chronic pain. I am so grateful I found such a compassionate doctor who will continue my care.

Tom F.
Submitted 03/23/22
They r very thorough and care about ur health and well being. They actually sit and listen to all ur problems and try to help in every way they can! I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Thomas F.
Submitted 03/23/22
They r very thorough and care about ur health and well being. They actually sit and take the time to listen to all ur problems!!

Lisa S.
Submitted 03/23/22
Always great seeing everyone at this office!!

Robert N.
Submitted 03/08/22
Dr. Depew is a good doctor that cares above the call

Sean H.
Submitted 03/08/22
Provided informative methods to help reduce symptoms of depression to were person-centered and advocated to continue to improve mental health through medication.

Karen C.
Submitted 03/04/22
Dr. DePue was helpful, insightful and funny! Definitely glad I had my appointment with him.

Aaron L.
Submitted 03/02/22
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Made my wife and I feel very comfortable.

Garry M.
Submitted 02/23/22
Dr.Depue has been the greatest doctor I’ve ever had and the reason why I refuse to switch doctors as I drive an hour an a half every month to my appointment..Very Kind, respectful and would recommend him to everyone I know!!!

Chelsia L.
Submitted 02/23/22
Dr DePue was very helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend.

Jill H.
Submitted 02/22/22
A caring and comfortable office and staff.

Jonathan L.
Submitted 02/21/22
Scott is the best doctor I’ve ever had . He’s a great guy . And always helps me when he can . He has a great heart. I would recommend that if your looking for help and a doctor Scott is the guy. Thanks for everything scott

Andrea C.
Submitted 01/22/22
Dr. DePue is an intelligent doctor that is able to answer all my questions that I ask him at my appt. I enjoy having a knowledgeable MD that I can trust.

Joseph N.
Submitted 01/18/22
Dr DePue is a very caring, compassionate and friendly Physician. He always takes time to listen to the patient and is never in a hurry to rush you out.

Tracy K.
Submitted 01/13/22
Dr. DePue gave my son excellent care. He was attentive, very responsive, caring, and competent and I’m grateful for the improvement in my son after the ketamine sessions. I would highly recommend him and his colleagues. Thank you, Tracy Ryan Kidd, LCSW

Jeannette B.
Submitted 01/11/22
Very wonderful and will understanding very helpful and respectful.

Juan R.
Submitted 01/06/22
Dr Scott Depue is an awesome dr attends to your needs promptly

Nancy M.
Submitted 01/05/22
Great office and staff. Always caring, always on time and willing to listen. Nice office and personal service.

Shelby N.
Submitted 01/03/22
Fast and helpful

Bobby J.
Submitted 12/28/21
Dear Dr. DePue, I just want to say thank you for everything you have fone for me. Out of all the physicians I’ve ever had, you went above and beyond the call of duty. You were knowledgeable, sensitive and informative……I immediately felt at ease – and felt confident in receiving expert medical care. In addition, I also want to express my sincere appreciation for the promtness and professional care given to me. As a result, my experience with you was the best I have ever encountered. Thank you for all your help. Respectfully yours, Bobbyp

Daniel C.
Submitted 12/27/21
Always a great visit always has the right answers and is always right there to help

Lisa S.
Submitted 12/16/21
5 stars and more!! Dr. Depue is the best!! He is by far the most caring and sincere doctor I’ve had since becoming an adult… many, many years ago!

Keith A.
Submitted 12/06/21
Since I have began as a patient if Dr. Depu he has shown a level of professional and Medical treatment. I have grown to depend on and trust in the year plus Dr.Scott has always been thorough. I feel confident to recommend him as one of the best I have encountered. Thank you !

Brandy H.
Submitted 12/06/21
I would highly recommend these services. I’ve always been treated with the upmost respect and Dr. DePue is highly knowledgeable in so many things! I greatly appreciate how he has helped me with all the issues I’ve presented him with.